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1509 Ngāi Tawake - 15 September 2015

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Te Takiwa o Te Hauauru held at Ngai Tawake Marae 15 September 2015


Ron ADixonTe Iringa
HokimateDixonTe Iringa
Te MiringaHuriwaiPukerata
WinnieLeachTe Riingi
LaurenceMason-WitehiraNgai Tawake
HohipaMateneTe Riingi
MitaiMateneTe Riingi
AtawhaiRamekaTe Maata
WilliamReihanaTe Iringa/Parihaka
BruceliaTauNgai Tawake
RikiWhiuNZ Police


Don Edmonds, Hirini Tau, Eddie Toka-Willis

Resolved               Hohipa/William

That apology is accepted.


A minutes silence was observed for Lena Tau.


Resolved               Marie/Hokimate

That the minutes are a true and complete record of the previous meeting.


Matters Arising from the Minutes

1.     Spelling to be corrected for Hohipera Lloyd.

2.     Query raised about prison visiting;  whanau are being encouraged to visit the inmates

at Ngawha.

3.     Discussion about the kaupapa of the opening of Hauora o Ngapuhi.

4.     Decision back from RSA next meeting.

5.     Communications from Te Runanga reporting back next meeting.

6.     Coroner is not moving from Whangarei but the pathologist is.  More qualified people are needed.

Te Runanga a Iwi o Ngapuhi

Written report presented by Keith Wihongi

1.     Cost of stalls for festival – Marae $126.50 applications open 1/10/2015 and need to in by 30/11/2015.  Standard $253.00.  Festival being held 30/30 January 2016.

2.     Erena Kara – is the new General Manager in Support of Alan Wihongi


Other Reports


1      Impact of Family Violence.  The outcomes of the June Hokianga Hui are to be mobilised.  A Hui is to be held Friday 18/9/2015 10.00 am at Pakanae Marae.  Marae to have a website advocating No Family Violence.  It’s Not OK to be promoted.  The use and abuse of alcohol on marae to actioned.  Biggest causes of abuse are alcohol and marijuana.  Should be discussed at all marae Hui.

Marae Reports


Renovation is still being planned.  Concerned about the amount of alcohol outlets in town.  New World not selling until after 11.00 am.


Very busy with bookings


Holding bi-monthly meetings.  Monitoring alcohol.

Te Riingi

Renovation of toilets has started.  Declined for Te Runanga funding was advised the funding is for completion of a project not bridging. Marae will be alcohol free by 31/12/2015.  The culture of Maori needs to be changed concerning smoking and alcohol.  Haven Falls Tangihanga has opened in the old Newbury’s facilities in Whangarei.

General Business

1.     Omapere Rangihamama Trust AGM to be held 10/10/2015 at Te Iringa Marae commencing at 9.00 am.

2.     Grief conference to be held at Whitiora Marae 26/9/2015 commencing at 9.00.  Takiwa to sponsor three people to attend.  Hirini Tau, Winnie leach and Queenie Matene.  $100.00 to register.

Resolution           Moved                    Queenie/Te Miringa

That Te Hauauru Takiwa sponsor Hirini Tau, Winnie Leach and Queenie Matene to attend the Grief Conference being held at Whitiora Marae 26 September 2015 at the cost of $100.00.


3.     Maori Women’s Welfare League Conference to be held 7 October 2015, Powhiri at 8.00 am.  9.00 am Kaikorero Tamariki, exhibitions to be held throughout the conference.  On Friday night will be a banquet.

4.     Concerns rose about marae being compliant with the council.

5.     Suggestion made that insurance for all marae throughout the motu is made available, needs to be looked into.

6.     Concern expressed about cars speeding pass Kohewhata Marae.  Enquiries have been made; the road is controlled by the Roads Board.  Action may happen when the road is changed to a main highway.

7.     Wananga o Ngapuhi – cannot be funded at the moment.  Looking at facilities and accommodation in Auckland.

8.     A Hikoi for Violence is being organised for Kaikohe by Mike Shaw.

9.     Te Hue Hue Marae is raising funds to lift a corner of the Whare Tupuna which is sinking.  $8000.00 is needed.


Meeting closed 8.50 pm

Next meetings

Parihaka 20 October

Te Maata 17 November