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0911 Te Maata 17 November 2009

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of

Te Takiwa o Te Hauauru Held at Te Maata Marae

17 November 2009


Mane                          Tahere                       Te Iringa

Edith                           Tahere                       Te Iringa/ Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi

Quintana                   Akuhata                     Te Iringa

William                       Reihana                    Te Iringa/Parihaka

Ripeka                       Reihana                    Te Iringa

Te Aroha                   McIntrye                     Parihaka

Nan                            Hita                             Okorihi

Hokimate                   Dixon                         Te Iringa

Ron                            Dixon                         Te Iringa

Nancy                        Kelleher                     Te HueHue

Hemaima                  Tait                             PHO / Naumai Place

Shaun                        Reilly

Kuia                            Wihongi

Keith                           Wihongi

Lena                           Tau                             Ngai Tawake

Leanne                      Fraser

Cila                             Ballantyne

Joey                           Rogers                       Youth

Sophie                       Ngawhika                  Nga Puna Roimata O Kaikohe

Hone                          Harawira                   MP Taitokerau

Sonny                        Tau                             Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi/ Kotuku

Hone                          Pomare                      Maori Party

Mere                           Pomare                      Maori Party

Winnie                       Leach                         Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi

Andrenah                  Raka

Hohepa                     Matene                      Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi

Shirley                       Lemon                       Nga Puna Roimata O Kaikohe

June                           Matene                      Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi

Susan                                    Dunn                          St John’s Ambulance

Betty                           Wihongi                     Kohewhata

Ted                             Wihongi                     Kohewhata

Marie                          Martin                         Kohewhata

Sid                              Tau                             Kotuku



Don Edmonds, Robbie Martin, Nuru Tau, Colin Rameka, Blossom Wihongi, Pae Reihana, Gwen Tahana, Moengaroa Floyd, Tau Kopa.





Minutes of the October Meeting

Moved that the minutes are a true and complete record of the October meeting.





Nil received


Financial Report

Moved that the Financial Statement is approved – Current Balance $9610.98




Te Runanga A iwi O Ngapuhi Trustees Report

Report presented by Edith Tahere

1.    Kuia/Kaumatua invited to Whakatau for Maori Sports Awards in conjunction with Ngapuhi Festival. Contact Allan Wihongi.

2.    Stalls $50.00 for Marae not $200.00.

3.    A Company 28 Maori Battalion book – Te Raki Takiwa need to contact National Branch – Soul Te Whata contact.

4.    Sonny Tau acknowledged for management of the Annual General Meeting held at Mototau.  The general consensus of the meeting was good.

5.    Road shows – a report to come out of the 2nd one held.

6.    Ngati Hine – there is some confusion, some want to move out while others want to stay,

7.    A budget is available for a group to look after Kaumatua and Kuia at the festival.

8.    Maori Sports Awards – decorators for the hall are needed.  Sid to co-ordinate.


Marae Reports

Brief oral reports from the following marae:

            Kohewhata                           underway with the project.  Target is 31/12/09.

Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi            community garden started.  National Weavers at the Marae January 2010.

                                                Land claim hui to be held Saturday 9.00 am.

Ngai Tawake                        Poupou Karanga started, enrolments open.  Sonny Tau mandated to act for Ngai Tawake.

Okorihi                                   change next year.

Parihaka                                new ablutions block being planned.  Water filtration needed.  Korowai wananga to be held next year.


Other Reports

Te Hauauru Mahi A Iwi       has been very busy, have 3 in training, 1 in law and 2 suicide prevention.

Nga Puna Roimata             has not had a meeting.  Group members are doing their own thing.



General Business

St John’s       Susan Dunn             Team Manager.

Susan gave an overview of St John’s, Care and Call, volunteer in the field, volunteers in hospitals. Everyone is encouraged to learn first aid, can be taught on the marae.  All marae encouraged having a defibulator, Susan is willing to come to the marae to teach how to use them.  Free basic CPR first aid is available, there needs to be a minimum of 20 per class.  Volunteers are needed as drivers.  Annual subscription is available at $45.00 per annum.


Treaty Claim

Hui to be held 28 November 2009 commencing at 10.00 am at Te Iringa Marae.


Naumai Place

Hemaima Tait is the trainer for the website naumaiplace.com.  117 marae are registered on the site.


Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe

Annual General Meeting to be held 12 December at 5 Marino Place.  Registrations $5.00 per quarter or $20.00 per annum.

Monday 30 November powhiri for new CEO, Te Roopu Poa.


Kaikohe Intermediate School

Place 10th out of 27 schools at national Kapa Hapa competitions.  6 teams from Taitokerau took part.  Tane was placed 2nd in motu, haka placed 3rd in motu.  2011 competitions to be held in Taitokerau.  Team was assisted by Joey Rogers.  After discussion it was decided to form a Performing Arts Portfolio.



That the Takiwa support the formation of a Performing Arts Portfolio.

Moved:           Joey Rogers

Second:         Nancy Kelleher



Kuia Wihongi

Proposal needed to have Year 9 students remain at Intermediate.  Suggestion made for Wananga type learning at the Intermediate.  Portfolio holder to report on all levels of education.  To be passed on to Don Edmonds.

White Ribbon day 28 November 2009.



            Takiwa to support Te Runanga to attend the Koroneihana.


Shaun Reilly

            Wants to write 2 stories, 1 about the waka and the other about the tangata.


Future Meeting

16 February  Te HueHue


Meeting closed 9.45 pm