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1002 Te Huehue 16 February

MINUTES OF The monthly meeting of Ngapuhi ki te hauauru takiwa held at te Huehue marae


Robbie                         Martin                          Kotahitanga

Winnie                         Leach                          Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi

Pae                              Reihana                       Pukerata

Raniera                       Tau                              Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi

Edith                            Tahere                                    Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi

Rebecca                     Rahana                      

Andrenah                    Kaka

Dawnette                     Neho                           Te Huruhi

Joanne                        Kiro                              Te Huruhi

Nan                             Hita                              Okorihi

Te Aroha                     McIntrye                      Parihaka

Lena                            Tau                              Ngai Tawake

Atawhai                       Rameka                      Te Maata

Lovey                          Rakete                                    Maori Wardens

Tracey                                    Dalton                          Far North District Council

Hori                             Kaka                           

Te Matiu Kapa             Rakete                       Parihaka

Mitai                             Matene                        Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi

Hemaima                     Tait                              Tihewa Mauriora

Hirini                            Tau                              Kotuku

Marie                           Martin                          Kohewhata


            Karakia           Pae Reihana

1.     Mihimihi   Lawerence Witehira, Sonny Tau, Robbie Martin, Te Matiu Rakete,                

Pae Reihana

2.   Apologies            Don Edmonds, Ted Wihongi, Betty Wihongi, Moe Smith, John Tapene                                 Gwen Tahana, Nuru, Joe Matene, Mitai Matene, Colin Rameka, Kelvin Davis, Monday Tahere, William Reihana,

Moved                   Lena Tau,

Second                  Te Matiu Rakete



3.     Minutes Minutes of Meeting held 17 November 2009.

Moved that the minutes are a true and complete record of the November meeting.

     Moved                   Lena Tau

     Second                 Edith Tahere



Matters Arsing

1.    Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi Festival

a.     Clarity of charges for stalls, marae stall $50.00, Corporate Wananga $1000.00, Corporate Business $1500.00.

b.    A fundraising committee for a urupa paid $400.00, need to bring receipt to the next meeting for Edith to look into for a refund.

c.     Idea (an organisation who works with disabled children) was charged $400.00. 

d.    There needs to be consistency in charges.

e.    Tamariki were seen taking the kai from the Kaumatua/Kuia tent. 

f.      People were seen handling the kai.  The area needs to be monitored more strictly.  Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe looking after the tent. 

g.    Edith suggested Te Hauauru Takiwa put in a bid to look after the tent in two years time. 

h.    Takiwa to write a report to Te Runanga A Iwi O Ngapuhi on the festival.

i.      Some Kai Karanga and kai waiata were called for at the last minute. Takiwa was warned 2 months out from the festival.

j.       Need to have speakers who have standing within the Iwi,.

k.     Te Hauauru Takiwa need to host the powhiri.  Edith rang Kuini Matene to organise.  Need to take responsibility of organising something when asked and have agreed to do so.

l.       Communication between the Runanga and organisers needs to be tightened up.

m.   Was the most successful festival, Theresa and organisers need to be congratulated.  A letter of congratulations to be sent from the Takiwa.

n.    Sonny sent out an email congratulating Theresa and her team at the end of the weekend.

2.    St John’s Ambulance

a.    Cost for the marae needed for defibulator and training of operation of same.

b.    Winnie leach was supposed to follow up with Susan Dunn, will do so before next meeting.

c.     Suggestion that we invite Susan back to the Takiwa to go over a few things which need clarification.


3.    Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe Annual General Meeting

a.    The meeting was not held as previously advised.

b.    Annual General Meeting Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe to be held 27th February 10.00 am at Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe.


             4    Correspondence

                        1          Email/Maori Representation Nomination Update

Moved            Lena Tau

Second          Nan Hita



5    Financial Report

                        As attached to minutes

                        Cheque given to Te HueHue Marae Committee

Moved            Sonny Tau

Second          Edith Tahere






  6.       Te Runanga-a-iwi o Ngapuhi Trustee’s Report

1.         26th February Kaumatua Hui 9.00 is being held at the Runanga.  Follow up on Annual General Meeting.

2.         At the January meeting the confusion on cost of stalls was brought up.  Sports awards were good start to the festival.  More nominations need to be put in for these awards.

3.         Te Roopu Tuhoronuku have approved for extension.  Report and analysis done for extension of time.

4.         Sonny involved with emissions trading, foreshore and seabed. 

5.         Building on Mangakahia Road:  consultation to be held on the building for design.  There are issues with the existing building: OSH issues, asbestos, no disable facilities.  Concept for a new building to be looked at.  Te Runanga to remain at Mangakahia road. Building in Kerikeri is tenanted.  Concern that Shaun Reilly took confidential information to the newspaper and used it against Te Runanga.

6.         Suggested that keynote speakers to be restricted to 2 a night at Takiwa meetings, also information needed on speakers.



            Moved           Paddy           

            Second          Robbie



7.         All Takiwa will be doing a presentation at the Runanga meetings in future.  Will start 12th March with a power point presentation by Hauauru Takiwa.


Mitai Matene entered meeting 7.36 pm

       7.  Marae Reports

            7.1      Puhimoana Ariki      No one present

7.2      Pukerata                    meeting Wednesday night.  Six months ago Kaumatua let the waka be used for the Waitangi .  Marae youth were kaihoe.  Performed at Whakatane for the celebrations and Ngarungungu celebrations.  Working closely with Ngati Kahu.  Want to get other hapu involved.  Planning for Ngai Tu celebrations Xmas 2010.

            7.3      Te Hungaiti               No one present

            7.4      Te Huehue                No report

7.5                  Te Huruhi                  Joanne Kiro and Dawnette Neho  new representatives.  Hapu development doing charter.  Annual general meeting last weekend.  Secretary Dawnette.  New hot water system.  Next project roofing of whare kai.  Running wananga with Awanuiarangi.  Receiving  good support from whanau from Auckland and  Whangarei.  Were running taitamariki activities  last year, Joanne has applied to run it again this year.  Starts 19th march 2010.  Welcome to Joanne and Dawnette.

7.6                  Te Iringa        Still standing.  Holding waiata wananga with Awanuiarangi.

           7.8      Te Maata        secured 3 fibrolite water tanks for new water system,    

                                                Awaiting Installation.

            7.9      Ururangi        No one present


       8.  Other Reports

8.1      Far North District Council   Tracy Dalton – positive reaction to the festival

Western Community Board meeting tomorrow morning.  3 pieces of art to be return to Kaikohe from Margaret Coup, to be housed at the library.  Local government election closes first Saturday of October.  Reference group to be formed for local government for Maori.  Issues from marae for information.  Reference group of 6 being looked at.  Nominations need to be in close, 28th February 2010. Letter of support to be sent from Takiwa for nominees.  Names suggested Robbie Martin, Mitai Matene, Fred Sadler and maybe Joanne Kiro.  Runanga should meet with council.  Maori need to vote.  Nominees need to be people involve in the community.  Council staff to work with Maori.  Tar sealing outside marae to be looked at.  Council building very little during this time due to lack of funding from government.  Need people  who will work for everyone.  Need three from this area. 

Staff member put letter out to say flats being sold. This is not the case. Submissions start in March for district plan.  Working group looking at a survey for user groups and for wider group.  Runanga need to invest in the town, need to buy up the shops and rent them out, Whanau Ora tool available. 

            8.2      Education

            8.3      Maori Wardens        Kiriwai reported.  Continually doing work as usual.

Social club has donated to hospitality course at college and looking at a programme for younger children. Have been visiting elderly people in their homes and at the flats.  Supported the festival.  Thanks for the invitation from Taitokerau to support at Waitangi.  Attended the Motukaraka 100th anniversary of church.  Having good times and bad times like everyone else.  Te Puni Kokori provided vehicle.  All more wardens are from marae.

Te Matiu Rakete - Taitokerau – great working with hoewaka providing security for dignitaries.  80 Maori Wardens from throughout the motu.  Provide coverage for Waitangi, Matatini, Ratana Pa, Koroneihana, and other big projects throughout the year.  120 wardens from throughout the motu were provided. The Taitokerau area covers from just north of Wellsford. 

Powhiri for Waitangi Celebrations is controlled by Te Tii Marae.  Two powhiri are held; Taitokerau wardens first and then rest from the motu.  Restructuring of Kaikohe and districts trustees is continuing.  For recruitment for Kaikohe see Kiriwai.  Police checks done at local level and at police college.

8.4                Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe         Hemaima Tait Tihewa Mauriora report – a new      manager appointed for Te Hau Ora O Kaikohe in December.  Tihewa Mauriora closes 31st March.  Contracts remain the same.  Broadway Health will be part of Te Taitokerau PHO.  Concerns were expressed about the service when move made to Te Taitokerau.  Transition will be over three months from March to July.  Office for Te Taitokerau is in Kerikeri.  The ministry will make the decisions on the PHO. Management of contracts are safe.  Query from Lena about subsidised drugs being changed by chemist.   Suicide prevention not good in this area.  Need to work together, drug and alcohol.   Meeting  to be held at Tihewa Mauriora 10.00 until 12.00.Friday 19th February. 

Winnie leach             Trustee Te Hau Ora o Kaikohe.   Tihewa Mauriora is being given a slot within Te Hau Ora o Kaikohe to report.  Moving forward, looking at what is available for Kaikohe.  Need to look for own contracts.  Lena suggested Whare Oranga on a marae.  Huarahi is still running.  

8.5                  Youth             performing arts and youth to be looked at.  Joey has written a survey for youth. 


       9.  General Business

            9.1                  Ngai Tawake starting March

9.2                  Mitai               emailed after the festival to say that laid a complaint about having to move because someone taken their spot.  Disappointed at lack of response to letter.  Pack was not sent out and had to be picked.  Edith to take issues back to Runanga.

9.3                  Acknowledge our people who achieve; some locals have been mentioned in New Years Honours but no recognition locally.


                        Future Meetings     

March 16                   Mahuhu-ki-te-Rangi

                        April 20                      Ngai Tawake 

                        May 18                       Te Huruhi

                        June 15                     Te Maata


Meeting closed        10.15 pm