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1008 Proposal - Annual Hāngi Event

Proposal to:  Ngāpuhi ki te Hauāuru 

From: John Schollum

Chairperson, Kaikohe Community Development Plan 

Date: 20 July 2010. 

I advise that at a recent meeting of the Kaikohe Community Development Plan, there was a suggestion for an annual event that could be created for Kaikohe that has the potential for international recognition. 

It has become very evident that communities like Kaikohe need to create events for some of their ongoing economic well-being. 

The proposal is that Ngāpuhi ki te Hauāuru create and umbrella a ‘hangi cooking competition’, something along the lines of:

  • “Hangi Wars”
  • “Hangi World Championship”
  • “Hangi Championship International”.

The idea is that a hangi cooking competition be held annually in Kaikohe, with a world championship or international event being held (say) four yearly, also in Kaikohe. 

The hangi cooking competition could start with inter Marae competitions.  Competitors could also come from service groups and local businesses. 

Rules could be very simple.  (Suggestions only at this stage.)

  • Team of ________, cook a hangi for (up to) 20 people. 
  • Up to ten teams to compete.
  • Bring own stones, make up their own recipes.
  • Time limit for preparing, cooking.
  • Possibly have entertainment in the resultant wait
  • Team of judges, appointed by ______________
  • Invite outsiders to come along and enjoy feast, being charged for the meal (and entertainment) .  (Champion teams will start attracting a premium price when word gets out)

Imagine 200 people from all over, including overseas visitors (tourists) wanting to be at the finals, which could be held in open area like Lindvart Park.  Further, the Kaikohe Community Development Plan working group discussing the concept believe that ultimately the competition would attract competitors from around the world 

Next steps:

  1. The idea is offered to Ngāpuhi ki te Hauāuru in the first instance to be guardians and ultimate rule makers.
  2. Ngāpuhi ki te Hauāuru agree to take the concept to next level (with further debate?)
  3. Ngāpuhi ki te Hauāuru request Te Rununga A Iwi O Ngapuhi to register the trademarks associated with the concept and to ensure the concept is retained by Ngapuhi people.

FYI, the Kaikohe Community Development Plan working party meets fortnightly and is planning to have a draft document available soon. 

Regards, John