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1104 Te Maata Marae Report - 19 April 2011


A Ngapuhi Te Hauauru Takiwa Meeting was held at Te Maata Marae on 15 February 2011.   About 40-45 people attended.   Dinner was enjoyed by all as always.

A committee meeting was held on Saturday, 7 April 2011 at 11.00 am.   The agenda covered the update of our Charter regarding policies such as “the Permit and Agreement for the use of Te Maata Marae and its Buildings” which were discussed and to be passed for adoption at our Annual General Meeting.   The date of the AGM will be announced as soon as the financial accounts are audited by our auditor, Adele Maraki.

A discussion ensued on our insurance cover for the Marae which is due in August this year.   Do we pay insurance cover or not this year?  Obviously an issue that all Marae’s consider very important , however funding is a major concern as the cover will increase this year and if there is a lack of funds to support it then reluctantly the option is not to pay.   A letter from the Secretary will be sent to our whanau of the impending Insurance bill and to ask for financial support.

The following day, Sunday 8 April 2010, at 11.30 am, a church service was held at the Transfiguration Church in Tautoro and the christening of Kapua and Kaimanawa Hughes.   The twin boys are a year old and the sons of Naumai and John Hughes.  Soonafter we assembled at the graveside of Ngature Werekake (Wilcox) the twins great grandfather, where a short service was held to inter the placenta of the twins.   Thanks to the Rev Peter Naera who conducted the services.   A luncheon was held at the Te Maata Marae and attended by 60 plus people.   What a great day!

Atawhai Rameka                                                                         19 April 2011

Te Maata Marae Committee