1407 Trustee's Report to Takiwā - 15 July 2014

Te Runanga o Ngapuhi July Report 2014

  • The Budget 2014-2015 was presented and past by the Chairs of the Takiwa and Board of Trustees.
  • Vending System for Kakahu has been action in two weeks to be activated online.
  • Runanga AGM 1st November.Mataitaua Marae the venue.
  • Portfolios have invested $5,000,000 and had a return of $119, 923.47 a 2.9% return.
  • SIPO : discussion of funds be returned to NAHC as the returns we are receiving from them is not enough, we can do a lot better through NAHC investing
  • TIMA a board member from the Runanga on to the Tuhoronuku board has to step down as only one from the Runanga can go onto the Board. We need the best on there and the Board has nominated Sonny Tau as the Runanga rep.
  • Iwi Chairs forum Meeting: the Ture whenua act is to be upgrade to rewrite the law in order to allow whanau to work unproductive whenua for the gain of the hapu.
  • Kaumatua Kuia, trip to Sydney in celebration of the 200 years of Christianity in NZ. Fundraising is continuing with sausage sizzles outside of New Worlds over the next few weeks. Raffles are being organised and another batons up before October.
  • Strengthening Taumata. TPK are slow in coming to the table in funding but the program is on track. This was an application to scope and develop a three year initiative to revitalise our Taumata in Ngapuhi.
  • Hire of the Conference room rates as posted. This is for business and corporate institutions not for our own Marae, Hapu Iwi use. Curtains for Conference room to be organized better. The rate are as follows.
  • 9am – 12:30pm  $150.
  • 1pm – 4:30pm    $ 150.00
  • 9am – 4:30pm    $ 300.00
  • Hawaii indigenous Conference: Self managing course  working organics helping students learn processing. School ran by students with only two teachers. Recommended to have Northland College look into this program.
  • Matauranga/Art Center. The idea is to establish a Maori Art gallery at the highest level, to be recognized world wide. To be constructed in Kaikohe  at the site of the old hotel. The funding to be sorted from overseas sponsorship through Keith Stewart's contacts.    
  • Taitokerau Aquaculture. Wahi available for aqua farming at Waikare inlet. Te Ohu Kaimoana are wanting to meet over this concept.